in Augmented Reality (AR)
An innovative solution for events

Seeking inspiration for a company outing? Looking for something EVEN COOLER for a bachelor party? Want to make your sightseeing of Gdańsk/Sopot an exploration?

The first
Augmented Reality Urban Game
is your thing!

What is Augmented Reality?
Ready for unforgettable experiences in AR?
Witness digital reality blending with the surroundings and see how attractions of Gdansk become a set for an exciting plot.
A plot in which you get to play the main part!

1-3 h

Custom duration of the game script

2-999 participants

Any number of players

Fully customizable

Location, route, tasks and story tailored to your needs

Many language versions

Available languages: English, Polish, German, Swedish, French, Dutch, Hebrew, Italian and Spanish

Perfect solution for:

Training workshops

Teambuilding events

Marketing campaigns

Celebrations and events

Ready for the mission?

Grab a tablet and a suitcase with spy equipment and embark on a mission to save the world!

A spy intrigue is about to start, with you as the main participants.

A microfilm reader, holograms, chemical compounds… see what else HQ has prepared for you for this mission...

The experience

Each group receives an iPad and an action pack (pictured).

A map and a GPS helps you reach the next location. There, you will get to know what is your next task.

You will solve the puzzles in augmented reality using both your tablet (that will give a new life to the objects in the city) and the action pack.

What is Augmented Reality?

Remember Pokemon Go, the game that settled a bunch of pokemons in your neighbourhood park?

This is perhaps the best known example of Augmented Reality, a blend of virtual world with the surroundings that makes it possible to experience computer game-like adventures in the real world.

Our games are based on much more advanced technology!

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